Mind and Body Integration Series

Emotional Currency Training

Have you ever felt like you were being played by your emotions?

Have you ever felt like your emotions were stuck?

Have you ever been embarrassed by your emotional reactions?

Click below for some simple and effective emotional currency tools!

Creating harmony

There are myriad paths to healing trauma, all of which can be beneficial. We have found that working with both the mind AND the body creates a field of synergy and harmony that makes the process more efficient, effective, and lasting. This training is rich with content that supports a gentle approach to playing with your emotions instead of getting played by them!

Communicating with Trauma Parts

Steve will introduce parts psychology so you can begin developing a new relationship with the parts of your psychology that produce troubling emotions and reactions. Using Awareness, Self-Compassion, and Skepticism you can create space for your old patterns and reactions to be honored and new patterns to be created.


Xoch will demonstrate and guide you through several emotional release tools to help you move emotional energy through your body in order to stay current, conscious, and creative in your responses as well as maintain a healthier current of energy in your daily experience.

Watch the Intro Video and Join Our Emotional Currency Training

Join Steve and Xoch as they explore the process of achieving emotional currency by addressing ways to honor the mind AND body in dealing with challenging emotions.

--Gain valuable insights into understanding the two meanings of "current" and how outdated programs and stuck energy disrupt our natural flow.

--Learn why overwhelming emotions take over and discover practical tools to support your mind and body in times of emotional intensity.

--From building awareness and self-compassion to embracing skepticism, you'll uncover powerful strategies to navigate your emotional landscape.

--Dive into guided practices that include emotional release tools for both the mind and body.

Embrace this opportunity to unlock the keys to emotional currency and experience a more harmonious and connected life.

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Stevan Barfuss, Trauma Transformation Guide


.I feel lucky to have been given some of the big questions and answers, and more importantly to have felt these work in my own system, my own life, finding harmony, wholeness, where I felt pain and powerlessness. I don’t know your answers, but my hope is this offering assists you in your own personal creation and joy in living.


Xochitl Sarah Millington,

Intimate Arts Facilitator


Xochitl (So-chee) is a passionate soul dedicated to love. Her initiations include giving birth to 8 children, 25 years of marriage, 200 births attended as a midwife, ISTA level 1 graduate, Highden Temple Training Ray 7, 3 years in open relationships, 2 years community workshop facilitator, 3 years somatic sexual educator.

Weird, Wild, Warm, and Wonderful. I have a lot of kids and a lot of skills.

But I am not my credentials. I’m here to include and support others on my journey to heart centered living.

I am you, you are me, Let’s Play!

What People are Saying...

"My life had just imploded. I was really desperate, losing my wife, home, job, and best friend. I was so broken I was willing to try anything! I was caught up in various addictions, constantly trying to get away from myself. Now I feel okay about myself for the first time. I’m not trying to run away from myself. I don’t want to give up on life anymore and in just a few months I’ve been able to transform my life and my relationships into something positive and supportive."

Justin Dean

Don't miss this chance to create a new relationship with your emotional triggers!